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Factoring & Forfaiting
In a Factoring solution the Factor agrees to pay an agreed percentage of approved debts as soon as he receives an assignment, or notification, of the invoice. The percentage depends upon a number of factors.Factoring is generally of interest to start-up and SME sized companies.
Forfaiting is a banking service where the purchasing of an exporter's receivables (the amount importers owe the exporter) at a discount by paying cash. The forfaiter, the purchaser of the receivables, becomes the entity to whom the importer is obliged to pay its debt.

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  • 12 month bank statement of Business account
  • Years in business: Minimum 3-5 years
  • Clear repayment history of any other loans
  • Business turnover of minimum AED 5-8 million per year
  • Profitability: Net profit to be positive for last 2 years
  • Audited financials (Balance Sheet) – 2 years

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