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Trade finance solutions

Trade Finance Facilities

This is the method by which the importer may wish to reduce risk by wanting the seller to document the goods that have been shipped. This could be applied by the importer's bank providing a letter of credit to the exporter for payment upon presentation of certain documents.

Other types of trade finance may include Documentary collection, trade credit insurance, export factoring, forfaiting and others. Trade finance usually refers to financing international trading transactions. In this type of financing understanding, the financial institution of the importer provides payment for goods imported on behalf of the importer.

Bank guarantee is a promise or an undertaking by a financial institution ensuring that the liabilities of their client will be met and if their client fails to settle the debt, they will cover it.

Following are the types of trade finance facilities that can be arranged:

Letters of Credit
Standby Letters of Credit
Back to Back Letters of Credit
Import Collections (DP/DA)
Loans Against Imports
LC Discounting

Export LC Advising
Export LC Confirmation
Export Collections
Export Negotiations
Export Bills Discounting
Pre Shipment Advance

Tender Bonds
Performance Bonds
Advance Payment Guarantees
Retention Guarantees
Financial Guarantees
Labor Guarantees

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